How do I get Comic Zeal to automatically sort my comics into series?

ComicZeal sorts comics in a couple of ways:

First, it looks for comics which are named exactly the same except for the number at the end. An example of this is ‘Strange Worlds 001’ and ‘Strange Worlds 002’, they have the same name except for the issue number. ComicZeal will group those two in a series called ‘Strange Worlds’.

Secondly, it checks for a tilde (‘~’) sign in the comic namet. ComicZeal takes anything in front of the tilde as the series.

You can use ComicZeal Sync to resize and rename your comics in batches, then use wi-fi sync or get the converted files from your ‘My Documents’ directory and import them through iTunes file sharing.

ComicZeal will only treat categories with more than one comic as valid.