Transferring comics with WiFi

Please note that you no longer need to use Comic Zeal Sync or wifi to transfer comics to your iPad or iPhone (as long as you're running iOS 4 or higher). You can use iTunes file sharing as described here:

Download Comic Zeal Sync

Comic Zeal Sync 9.4.6 for Mac (3.58MB) - Download

Comic Zeal Sync 9.4.6 for Windows (19.77MB) - Download

If you're going to be converting PDF files then you'll also need to download and install Ghostcript, please install to the default location.

Ghostcript for Mac - Download

Ghostcript for Windows - Download

iPhone and iPod touch instructions

These instructions are for the iPhone and iPod touch, if you’re using Comic Zeal 4 on the iPad please read the iTunes description to find out how to move your cbr/cbz files into your device.

Step 1: Drop your comic files into the ComicZeal Sync window.


ComicZeal Sync will accept cbr,cbz,rar and zip files. If you drop a directory full of images it will treat each image as a page and turn it into a comic.

ComicZeal Sync will also convert PDF formatted comics. Make sure you install Ghostscript first. You can download it from the main ComicZeal Sync page.

ComicZeal Sync will process each of the files you dropped in turn. When it’s finished a batch you can drop more in. There’s a limit of 100 per transfer, so make sure you move them into ComicZeal before you get to the limit.


Step 2: Press the ‘Sync Now’ button in ComicZeal Sync to start SyncDocs.


If you ever have a problem with SyncDocs please make sure that your iPhone and PC are on the same wireless network and that your firewall isn’t stopping ComicZeal from communicating with SyncDocs. If you can see ‘SyncDocs’ from ComicZeal but ComicZeal doesn’t recognize it as a valid server, has timeouts or doesn’t transfer any files it’s almost certainly a firewall issue.

You can also try going into the SyncDocs setup and making sure that ‘Bind to all addresses’ is set, in some rare cases you may have to change the port number to 8081.

You don’t have to press the ‘Sync’ button in SyncDocs.

Step 3: In ComicZeal go to the ‘Featured’ tab then press ‘Connect to ComicZeal Sync’.


ComicZeal will download the comics from your PC and add them to your collection.

iPad instructions

Please note that on the iPad you DON'T need to use WiFi, you can transfer your comics using the USB cable and iTunes File Sharing.

On the iPad the process is the same as described above but the 'Featured' button is in the toolbar at the top of the screen.