What does 'Assisted Panning' do?

When 'Assisted Panning' is enabled Comic Zeal tries to save you from having to pan your comic page.

It's aim is to have you read the whole comic, without panning, just by pressing the 'Next Page' zone.

If you're zoomed in to a page, then pressing 'Next Page' will pan to the right until you get to the right margin, then go down and to the left until you've finished the page. Pressing 'Next Page' one more time takes you to the next page.

It gets even better in 'fit-to-width' or 'page/zoom lock' though! In these modes pressing the next page will show the bit of the page that isn't being displayed. So if you're looking at the top two-thirds of a portrait page, pressing 'Next Page' will show you the bottom two-thirds, pressing it one more time will turn the page and so on.

Naturally this plays well with landscape pages too. When you move from a portrait page to a landscape page Comic Zeal fits the height of the landscape page to the iPad/iPhone and pressing 'Next Page' scrolls to the right instead of down.

In manga mode the left/right movements are reversed, otherwise it all works the same.

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