Comic Zeal Sync tells me that my 'Comic has no pages', what's going on?

The cause

Comic Zeal Sync has tried to decompress the file and hasn't found any image files in it.

This could be because:

  • The archive is corrupted, although this is the least likely as most of you have tested them beforehand.
  • The files are not in recognised formats, also unlikely but possible.
  • The files in the archive are compressed again and not visible to Comic Zeal Sync.

What to do

Decompress the file manually and see what's in there. The trick here is to know that .cbr file is just a .rar file and a .cbz file is just a .zip file. Change the extension and de-compress using whatever software you prefer.

Once you've decompressed the file see if any of the above reasons apply for your file.

If that's not the case create a post in the forums and let us know, make sure you write what you found in the file when you decompressed it.